APE is a vehicle manufacturing and metal fabrication company based out of Cookeville, TN.  We stock and sell various performance and OEM parts.  We have a primary focus in performance Motorsports products and handle in-house design and manufacturing of turnkey vehicles, chassis fabrication, roll-cages, suspension system's, and numerous other parts.  We offer a wide range of additional metal fabrication and manufacturing services including but not limited to:
~ General Fabrication
~ Turn-Key Crawlers/Bouncers
~ Custom Hunting Vehicles
~ Military Service Vehicles
~ Jeep Builds
~ One-Off Builds
~ Part Design and Manufacturing
~ Welding TIG & MIG
~ Tube Bending
~ Plasma Cutting
~ Axle Building
~ Metal Sales
~ Suspension Link Design & Build
~ Fuel Cell Design & Build
~ Custom Chassis Fabrication
~ Lift Kit Installation
      If you have a custom project, or would like more information as to our shop capabilities, don't hesitate to contact us!