14 Bolt Magnum Roller Front Axle

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Have the ability to get on and off the trail every time. If it’s off-road reliability that you’re searching for, install one of these bad boys on your rig and hammer down with less worry. The only true solution to driving as hard as you want is quality parts built to withstand abuse.

Crane Axle’s heavy-duty 14 Bolt Axle Assemblies start with a Brand New USA Made 14 Bolt Axle Housing that is cast from high-strength nodular iron. Our team expertly machine presses 4” x ½” (.500”) wall DOM Tubes into that housing for increased strength to resist bending & torsion. From there, the axles are assembled to your chosen Specs.

100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA


Crane Axle Inner C’s, Knuckles, and Diff Cover

Cast from 8620 Chromoly Steel

We start with the finest domestic grade 8620 chromoly steel and have our Magnum Knuckles cast in the USA. This allows for strict quality control and for a better end product.

CNC Machined

After casting, each part is individually CNC machined for maximum precision. Our process systems ensure a consistent end product every time.

MIG Welded Install

The Magnum Inner C’s are expertly MIG welded by our fabricators to your 4” x ½” (.500) DOM Tubes. Once these things are burned on, they aren’t going anywhere.

Professionally Tested

We can safely say we stand by our products because they have been tested in the roughest of riding. From trail riding to rock racing, these knuckles will hold up. Crane Axle Inner C’s and Knuckles can be seen on the rigs of racers such as Bubba Bacon, Randall Key, Wes Kean, and more. These guys abuse and put these knuckles to the test. This includes use in Southern Rock Racing Series, Pro Rock Racing, and Ultra 4.

Lifetime Warranties

Ride without worry. Many of the parts and components used in Crane Axle Assemblies are covered by lifetime warranties.

  • Crane Axle Inner C’s, Knuckles, and Diff Cover– Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defect or failure

Standard WMS choices

We offer standard Wheel Mount Surface choices of 65", 67", 69" (STD GM 1 Ton Width) and 72" widths. Custom Wheel Mount Surfaces can also be done by calling a representative at (931) 807-8013

Included in this Assembly:

The base price includes a new 14 Bolt Center Section with 4" x .500 wall DOM tubes, Crane Magnum Knuckles kit, Crane Magnum Unit Bearing Adapters, and Timken Modified Unit Bearings drilled to 8 x 6.5" bolt pattern.
  • Ouverson Super 8 2 1/2 Ton Hubs and Spindles can be optioned if Timken Unit Bearings are not wanted.
  • Our 14" lightweight brake package can be optioned in now, or wait until the end of your build.
  • Differential cover options are a 14 Bolt Cover or a 13 Bolt Cover. If a 13 Bolt Cover is chosen, we shave the housing for you!
  • We have standard widths for total wheel mount to wheel mount width. 65", 67", 69" (STD GM 1 Ton Width) and 72" widths. Pick the width that works best for your project! Custom Wheel Mount Surfaces can also be done by calling a representative at (931) 807-8013
  • Add the Crane REV1440 Inner Axle Seal Kit, to seal 40 spline inner axle shafts.