1410 GM 14 Bolt Forged U-Bolt Yoke

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  • Designed for the GM 14 bolt, 10.5" ring gear axle. It will also fit 11.5" axles as well.
  • Utilizes U-Bolts for ease of maintenance and repair.
  • Forged for strength and sound internal structure.
  • 1410 U-Joint Series. (specs below)

The 1410 series yoke is designed for the GM 14 bolt, 10.5" ring gear axle. It will also fit the newer 11.5" axles as well.

Why Choose U-Bolts?

This 1410 GM 14 Bolt Yoke was designed to use U-Bolts for ease of maintenance and repair. While using straps instead, if you were to snap a U-Joint or break a strap, the bolt holding the strap in the yoke can be snapped off inside. This makes it difficult to remove. With U-Bolts, all you have to do is throw in a new U-Bolt and you're good to go.

Forged for Strength

These are Forged Yokes, making them stronger and having sound internal structure.

Specs of this U-Joint Yoke

U-Joint Series 1410
Spline Count 30.000
Spline Pressure Angle 37.5 deg
Ground Hub Diameter  2.200
Length Thru Bore 1.625
Centerline of Joint to End of Spline   3.690
Universal Joint Retaining Width  4.188
Universal Joint Bearing Diameter 1.188
Joint Angle 30.000


  • 1 - 1410 GM 14 Bolt Forged U-Bolt Yoke
  • 2 - U-Bolts (with Nuts and Lock Washers)