Dana 44 Inner Knuckle (Inner C) - Pair

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  • Need a heavy duty replacement for your bent/broken stock Dana 44 Inner C's? Or have a new steering axle build that requires a set of Inner Knuckles? Crane Axle's Dana 44 Inner C set is the perfect solution.
  • Bored at 2.75" ID standard. 
  • Sold as a Pair
  • *Does NOT Fit Jeep CJ/TJ/YJ/JK/XJ

Crane Axle's Dana 44 Inner Knuckles (or Inner C's) can be combined with our Dana 44 Outer Knuckles or other aftermarket knuckles for ultimate strength and reliability. These Dana 44 Inner C's can be MIG or TIG welded to your housing or axle tube.

100% USA Cast and Machined

We start with the finest domestic grade 8620 chromoly steel and have our Magnum Knuckles cast in the USA. This allows for strict quality control and for a better end product. After casting, each part is individually CNC machined for maximum precision. Our process ensures a consistent end product every time.

Crane Axle's Dana 44 Inner C's are a heavy duty replacement for bent/broken stock inner c's or prefect for a new axle build. Crane's Inner C's are built out of 8620 Chromoly steel for ultimate strength and light weight right here in the U.S.A.

Compatibility with Stock & Aftermarket Knuckles

Crane Axle's Dana 44 Inner C's are compatible with Stock Outer Knuckles or other aftermarket outer knuckles.

  • GM
    • 1972-1976 K5(Blazer/Jimmy)/K10/K20/k30 (passenger side) Some 1977 K5 Blazers came with Dana 44s in the front, others came with a Corporate 10 bolt solid axle.
  • Dodge
    • 1974–1993 Ramcharger (passenger side)
    • 1980–2001 ½ Ton (W150/1500) (passenger side 1980-1993, driver side 1994-2001½)
    • 1988–1995 ¾ Ton (2500 Light Duty) (Pass. side 1988-1993, driver side 1994-1995½)
    • 1972–1980 (w200) (passenger side)
  • Jeep
    • 1974–1991 Wagoneer (passenger side 1974-1979, driver side 1980-1991)
    • *Does NOT Fit Jeep CJ/TJ/YJ/JK/XJ

Custom Bore Available to Fit your Need

They are bored at 2.75" I.D. standard.  But if you require a custom bore, we've got you covered. Crane Axle's Dana 44 Inner C's can be bored to custom sizes at a small additional cost.

A Lighter Weight Stronger Dana 44 Inner C

Using 8620 Chromoly Steel on these Dana 44 Inner Knuckles instead of cast iron allows us to produce a lighter and stronger Inner C. Our 8620 chromoly parts can take abuse day in and day out. 8620 Alloy Chromoly Steel has a much higher carbon content than mild steel. The higher amount of carbon means increased strength. This material is characterized by a hard outer surface, combined with a ductile interior for higher strength. Minimum properties of 8620 (chrome-nickel-moly) alloy steel; Tensile Strength, psi: 97,000 Yield, psi 57,000.

Lifetime Guarantee

You can ride without worry. We offer a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defect or failure. This means you are guaranteed a product that works the way it was designed to work.


  • 2 (pair) - Crane Axle Dana 44 Inner Knuckles (Inner C's)