GM Dana 60 3/4 Ton Brake Kit

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Used to replace the heavy 1 ton GM brakes or the troublesome Ford 1 ton brakes.

  • Improved Braking Performance
  • Increased Resistance to Brake Fade
  • Reduced Un-sprung Weight
  • Increased Clearance for your Wheels
  • Improved Brake Pedal Feel
  • Simplified Maintenance

This GM Dana 60 Disc Brake kit allows you to run ¾ Ton disc brakes on your rig’s axles if you are using Dana 60 Kingpin Knuckles. We like to use Dana 60 Knuckles on our 14 Bolt axles.

Improved Braking Performance

Since Disc Brakes use flat pads that rub against flat rotors, even when the pads are due to be replaced they will still be flat. That means that your braking performance will be similar throughout the life of the pads as they were new.

Increased Resistance to Brake Fade

Brake fade is the temporary reduction or complete loss of braking power of your vehicle’s braking system. Since air has easy access to the brake pads, disc brakes are able to cool off easily and quickly

Reduced "Unsprung" Weight

Disc brakes typically weigh about half as much as drum brakes do. This means the axle weight reduce by quite a bit. In turn, their is less "unsprung" weight for the suspension to carry. This improves how the vehicle rides and extends the life of your shocks.

Increased Clearance for your Wheels

This disc brake system allows clearance on most 15″ steel wheels.

Improved Brake Pedal Feel

Because Disc Brakes are more consistent, you will notice the feel of the Brake Pedal is drastically improved.

Simplified Maintenance

Since Disc brakes are self adjusting, the maintenance is typically just a brake pad replacement. On almost all disc brakes, you are able to visually see the brake pad life and rotor conditions.

Precision Cut Brackets for Accuracy and Consistency

The Brake Brackets are precision laser cut from 3/8" High Strength Plate Steel. We chose to laser cut our fabrication parts because laser cutting tends to be much more precise and consistant than other cutting methods available.

Many Dana 60 Knuckle Applications

This kit was created to work specifically with Crane Axle's Dana 60 GM Knuckles, but it also works with stock kingpin knuckles and other aftermarket kingpin knuckles. This kit is compatible with other well known aftermarket knuckle brands including Solid and Reid.

  • Chevy/GM

    • 1979-1987 K30

    • 1988-1991 K30 crew cab

3/4 Ton Disc Brake Conversion Kit includes:

We have made sure to include everything you need in this GM Dana 60 3/4 Ton Conversion Kit. If you are building a new axle or converting from drum brakes, this kit provides all you need.

  • 2 - 3/8″ thick laser cut Brake Brackets
  • 2 - GM 12.5″ Standard 3/4 Ton Rotors
  • 2 - GM Standard Duty 3/4 Ton Brake Calipers
  • Set of Pads
  • 16 - Wheel Studs