GM 14 Bolt Steering Knuckle Kit

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GM 14 Bolt Steering Knuckle Kit

  • Features Keyed High Steer Arms that Interlock with the top of the Chromoly Dana 60 Knuckles.
  • Uses Dana 60 Interlocking Knuckles, a staple in Off Road Knuckles.
  • Includes Crane's Rev14 Seal System that allows you to Seal a 14 Bolt for conversion to a Steering Axle Assembly.
  • Includes all components to put GM Dana 60 Kingpin Inner C's and Knuckles on a Steering Axle Assembly.

Knuckles are Shipped as Unfinished Steel

If you need a GM 14 Bolt Steering Axle Front End, this Crane Axle Extreme Duty GM 14 Bolt Interlocking Knuckle Kit is the best possible option you can add on. Created using Crane's Dana 60 Inner C's and Outer Knuckles.

Interlocking Keyed High Steer Arms means No Bolt Sheering

No need to worry about sheered bolts. The Crane Axle High Steer arms are keyed to interlock with the top of the GM Dana 60 Knuckles. This puts the stress that can occur on high steer arms onto the knuckle.

Uses Off the Shelf GM Components in case of a Failure on the Trail

Crane Axle's GM Dan 60 Front Steer Knuckle kit uses all of the of the factory GM components of outer knuckles. In the case of a broken or failed component, you can easily get a replacement locally and continue riding.

This kit includes all needed components with the Kingpin Components Kit

  • 1 - Crane Kingpin Spring Eliminator Kit 
  • 2 - Upper Kingpin Cones with Seals
  • 2 - Upper Kingpin Bushings
  • 2 - Lower Bearings/Races and Seals
  • 2- Lower Kingpin Caps (trunnions) and Hardware
  • 10 - 7/16-20 Spindle Studs

100% USA Cast and Machined

We start with the finest domestic grade 8620 chromoly steel and have our Dana 60 Knuckles cast in the USA. This allows for strict quality control and for a better end product. After casting, each part is individually CNC machined for maximum precision. Our process ensures a consistent end product every time.

A Lighter Weight Stronger GM 14 Bolt Knuckle

Using 8620 Chromoly Steel on these GM 14 Bolt Dana 60 Knuckles instead of cast iron allows us to produce a lighter and stronger GM 14 Bolt Dana 60 Knuckle. Our 8620 chromoly parts can take abuse day in and day out. 8620 Alloy Chromooly Steel has a much higher carbon content than mild steel. The higher amount of carbon means increased strength. This material is characterized by a hard outer surface, combined with a ductile interior for higher strength. Minimum properties of 8620 (chrome-nickel-moly) alloy steel; Tensile Strength, psi: 97,000 Yield, psi 57,000.

Lifetime Guarantee

You can ride without worry. We offer a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defect or failure. This means you are guaranteed a product that works the way it was designed to work.


  • 2 - Chromoly Interlocking Dana 60 Outer Knuckles - Unfinished Steel
  • 2 - Chromoly Dana 60 Inner C's - Unfinished Steel
  • 2 - 1018 CR Steel Interlocking High-Steer Arms
  • 2 - Kingpin Caps
  • 1 - Kingpin Components Kit
  • 1 - REV-14 Seal System
  • All Hardware