call to order - LS7 7.0L 540 HP Turn Key Engine Assembly

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Unleash the Beast.

At 427ci, the Gen-4 LS7 is the largest displacement LS engine produced by GM. Used in the 2008 ZO6 Corvette, the LS7 compression is pump gas friendly at 11.0:1.

This monster features exotic titanium connecting rods and 2.20 titanium intake valves. The LS7 also features factory CNC ported square port cylinder heads and dry sump oiling. The 427ci is produced with the forged 4.0 inch stroke crank and 4.125 bore with same external dimensions of all other Gen-3 and Gen-4 LS engines.


Standard Items on ALL TurnKey Engines

  • Street Package Includes
    • Flywheel or Flex plate
    • Starter
    • Ceramic coated block hugger headers
  • Complete Accessories
    • Alternator
    • Water Pump
    • Serpentine Belt System
    • Brackets and Tensioners
  • Complete Ignition - 5-Wire Hook-Up
    • Coil packs
    • Spark plugs and wires
    • ECM with TurnKey calibration
    • Custom wiring harness
    • Uses all OEM connectors
    • Electric fan controls
    • Fuse block and relays
  • Complete Detail Package
    • Engine oil and filter
    • K&N air filter
    • Hardware kit
    • Motor mount bolts
    • Oil temperature sending unit port
    • Water temperature sending unit port
    • Engine covers
    • Throttle body
    • Installation guide
  • Complete AN Fitted Fuel System
    • EFI fuel pump kit
    • AN fitted fuel rails
    • Pre-filter
    • Post-filter
    • Fuel pressure regulator
    • AN-6 & AN-8 fittings
    • O-rings & crush washers


  • AC $600
  • Power Steering $400
  • Chrome Retro fit kits for all early GM vehicles
  • Engine Covers
  • Custom Paint
  • Motor Mount Kits
  • Full Length headers
  • Oil Pans
  • Transmission controller

Not for sale or use in emission controlled vehicles