APE is here to bring your vision to a reality.  We specialize in doing one-off builds and can handle every step of the process from design and fabrication, to handing you the keys.  Other than turnkey builds, the APE crew stays busy with other small and large fabrication jobs. 

At APE we have the desire to develop relationships and partnerships, not just a business transaction. This means that we evaluate your needs as a customer, and then recommend our services to meet your needs as an individual client or business.


Matthew Belcher served as an engineer in the US Navy for seven years.  He spent most of his time working on various equipment from 3,500 HP diesel motors, to 33,000 shaft HP gas turbine engines, 400-ton A/C systems, hydraulic systems, and water distilleries.  He then decided to separate with an honorable discharge and started living the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, opening and selling various businesses, and investing anyway he could.  He opened APE to the public in February of 2018 and has since ridded himself of all distractions and turned it into a life-consuming passion for more.