The Dana 60 Front Axle Assembly

Tech info on the Dana 60 Front Axle Assembly

The Dana 60 front axle assembly is an incredibly robust and powerful piece of equipment that is widely used for off-road applications. It features strong, heavy-duty housing that can support up to 6,500 pounds of gross vehicle weight. The axle is designed to be both durable and reliable, with a strong cross-section that resists bending even.

Some Specs on the factory setup:

- Maximum gross vehicle weight: 6,500 lbs

- Cross-section strength: High resistance to bending

- Durability & Reliability: Heavy-duty housing designed for long-term use

- Gear Ratio Options: 4.56 or lower ratios available

- Wheel Studs & Lug Nuts: 5/8 inch studs and lug nuts rated for 6500 lbs. of torque capacity

- Axle Shaft Diameter & Length: 1 3/4 inch diameter shafts that are 35 inches in length

- Braking Capabilities: Disc brakes capable of providing excellent stopping power

What are some Dana 60 axle upgrade options

1. High-strength alloy axle shafts

2. Chrome moly U-joints

3. Differential locker, spool, or limited slip unit

4. Heavy-duty steering arms, drag links, or high steer options

5. Increased wheel studs and lug nuts with a higher torque capacity

6. Axle gusset kit for increased rigidity and strength

7. Inner-C and axle knuckle upgrades

8. Full floater axles for ultimate performance off-road application

9. upgraded axle shaft sizes to handle larger wheels/tires

10. Upgradeable brake calipers for improved braking capabilities


What are the benefits of upgrading to 40 spline axle shaft.

Upgrading from a 35-spline axle shaft to a 40-spline axle shaft is one of the best ways to increase strength and durability in your Dana 60 front axle assembly. The 40-spline axles are made with premium materials that can withstand up to 17,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight without any signs of bending or fatigue. Additionally, the larger diameter and length allow for more torque transfer between the wheel studs and lug nuts, further increasing overall strength. Furthermore, the increased number of teeth on each side provides greater braking capabilities since there is more surface area for contact with the disc brakes. All these features make it easy to understand why upgrading from a 35-spline axle shaft to a 40-spline axle shaft is an excellent choice when looking for improved performance and durability in your off-road application.


Why upgrade from 3/8" axle tubing thickness to 1/2" tubing thickness

Upgrading from a 3/8" thick axle tube to a 1/2" thick axle tube is a great way to increase strength and endurance in your Dana 60 front axle assembly. The thicker walled tubing is able to withstand higher torque loads, as well as more wear and tear during off-roading applications. Additionally, the 1/2" axle tube thickness allows for a more efficient transfer of power from the engine to the wheels. This increased efficiency allows your vehicle to accelerate faster, which is especially beneficial when driving off-road. Installing a 1/2" thick axle tube is one of the best ways to increase strength and performance in your Dana 60.