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APE Bangerz Ready to Ride 40 Spline Front Axle

APE Bangerz Ready to Ride 40 Spline Front Axle

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Custom axles? We got you! We are ready to make your vision come true. Just let us know what you need and we'll take care of it.

APE Bangerz Axle Assemblies

Engineered to endure the toughest conditions! Our APE Built Bangerz axle assemblies boast unparalleled durability, ready to withstand relentless punishment. The Bangerz kit features robust 40 spline Chromoly axle shafts extending from the center section outward. Choose between a selectable or mechanical locker engagement for tailored performance.

Each axle assembly is fortified with a 0.5” wall thickness DOM tube, offering exceptional strength. Whether it's for jeeps, crawlers, trucks, or a custom build, our assemblies are versatile. We offer tailored bracketry setups for leaf springs, four-link systems, Jeep bolt-ins, or provide a bare tube axle assembly for your project foundation.

Get in touch today and let us elevate your build to new heights!

APE Bangerz Front Axle Assembly:

  • APE Built High Pinion Dana 60 center section sleeved with 3.5" OD 1/2" thick DOM tubing to your desired mounting width
  • Heavy-duty Reid Racing Super Kingpin D60 knuckles outfitted with machined springless steering arm with ARP studs installed
  • Massive 1550 40-spline axle shaft assemblies for unmatched strength and reliability. 
  • Upper knuckle steering arm springless tension adjustment to control steering preload and eliminate the kingpin spring failure point
  • Big Brake Kit to provide unmatched stopping power.  Dual piston calipers and massive 13.25" vented rotors are standard
  • CNC Heavy-duty 1/4" thick bracketry setup for Jeep OEM bolt-in fitment with professionally welded installation
  • Hardcore 3/8" thick welded diff cover ready to bash any and all rocks
  • Yukon Hardcore locking hubs installed
  • Choose between an ARB air-locker or an Eaton E-locker and your choice of gears
  • Setup for Jeep wheel speed sensors to prevent computer confusion and check engine / ABS sensor light illumination 
  • 8 x 6.5 Lug Pattern
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