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CRANE AXLE GM Dana 60 Kingpin Knuckle Kit

CRANE AXLE GM Dana 60 Kingpin Knuckle Kit

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Steering Arm Setup

Dana 60 Knuckles have become the staple of a hardcore axle. These are a huge upgrade to a smaller knuckle such as the Dana 44.

These are revamped versions from the original Dana 60 Knuckle that Crane Axle produced back in the late 90s/early 2000s. These knuckles have the interlocking keyed box on top that allow for the high steer arm option, but also has a stock steering provision. These stock steering arms allow more clearance for Jeeps and other vehicles that have a stock frame and run into clearance issues with a high steer setup.

Various Steering Capability Options

These knuckles can be used for a few different types of steering set up. These different types include:

  • Running a tie rod down low
  • Y-link type Setup
  • Crossover Setup
  • High Steer Arm Setup

100% USA Cast and Machined

We start with the finest domestic grade 8620 chromoly steel and have our Dana 60 Knuckles cast in the USA. This allows for strict quality control and for a better end product. After casting, each part is individually CNC machined for maximum precision. Our process ensures a consistent end product every time.

Lightest Weight Aftermarket Cast Knuckle on the Market

With Crane Axle being the only company using 8620 Chromoly steel casts, these are the lightest weight Aftermarket Dana 60 Knuckles on the market.

Why 8620 Chromoly?

Our 8620 chromoly parts can take abuse day in and day out. 8620 Alloy Chromooly Steel has a much higher carbon content than mild steel. The higher amount of carbon means increased strength. This material is characterized by a hard outer surface, combined with a ductile interior for higher strength. Minimum properties of 8620 (chrome-nickel-moly) alloy steel; Tensile Strength, psi: 97,000 Yield, psi 57,000.


  • 2 - GM Interlocking Outer Knuckles with Stock Steering Provisions- Unfinished Steel
  • 2 - Crane Kingpin Caps
  • All Hardware
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