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Yukon Recovery Gear Kit with 3/4″ Kinetic Rope Tow Strap

Yukon Recovery Gear Kit with 3/4″ Kinetic Rope Tow Strap

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Yukon Recovery Gear Kit with 7/8″ Kinetic Rope Tow Strap

Yukon Recovery Gear Kits contain all you need for assisted recovery to get your Jeep, truck or 4×4 out of a tough spot on the trail. These kits feature heavy duty kinetic recovery rope increases pulling capacity up to 30% compared to traditional rope or chain, and is particularly effective for dynamic pulls in sand and mud. The included soft shackle can be used as a traditional shackle, plus it can be used on roll cages and other places using a traditional D-ring may not be advisable.

Trust in the power and security of Yukon Recovery for your next offroad adventure!

Complete kits include:
(1 set) Recovery Gloves with cowhide leather palms and adjustable wrist straps
(1) Kinetic Recovery Rope in diameters of 3/4″ (rated to 19,000 lbs) or 7/8″ (rated to 28,000 lbs)
(2) 3/4″ D-ring shackles rated at 9500 pounds each
(1) 3/8″ diameter, 10″ long soft shackle
(1) Recovery Bag to store all your gear


  • Rope rated to 19,000 lbs.
  • Yukon provides top quality replacement bearings for front and rear applications.
  • Yukon recovery gear kit with 3/4″ kinetic rope
Manufacturer: Yukon Recovery Gear
Weight: 13.00 lbs
Shipping Length: 24 inches
Shipping Width: 12 inches
Shipping Height: 12 inches
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